Look for High Quality Ingredients in Your Supplements

by Dhondi Srikanth 18 September 2022
Made With Natural Ingredients: The Importance of Choosing High-Quality Ingredients in Your Supplements | Fully Nutrition

When choosing supplements it is important to ensure that the ones that you are using have only the highest quality ingredients. This both makes them safe for consumption but also provides the most benefits from your supplements. Other things to look for are that they include the ingredients that help the body to absorb the vitamins that are being provided, that they have few fillers and little sugar, and that they are within the expiry period. Avoiding allergens and foods that are common intolerances allows for more people to safely consume them regularly, and quality ingredients are easier for the body to absorb and support the functions of all the systems of the body.

Why Quality Matters

The quality of the ingredients is one of the most important factors when selecting anything to be consumed. A higher quality supplement will be easier for the body to absorb and to digest, and the highest quality active ingredients achieve the best results. Top quality ingredients are the least likely to cause side effects, will not create extra waste for the body to process, and are least likely to interact with medications or other supplements.

Some ingredients are used in order to support the active ingredients, and these create the shape and consistency. Often sugar, gelatin, and more, are included in these to create a tablet, gummy, or powder. These should be common items while avoiding any potential allergens and interactions. Some vitamins will become built up in the body and can lead to illness, so it is important to find a quality vitamin that is created with the daily recommended dose or less. By supplementing with less than the recommended intake, it balances with nutrients taken from the food consumed and prevents extra from building up in the body.

What to Look For

Choosing a vitamin or supplement requires considering a few different factors. The dosage and amounts of each vitamin that is present will display how much of the daily intake will be reached. This is the reason for taking them, and should be one of the main considerations. While most vitamins are safe in almost any dose, some, such as vitamins, E, D, AND K, are all able to build up in the body in higher concentrations and lead to illness. When taken in recommended doses they are safe, but the build up can be toxic.

Naturally sourced vitamins are easier for the body to break down and absorb. Using supplements that have natural nutrients sourced from foods will have the best results and are most able to support the health needs of the body.

In many places vitamins and supplements are not controlled strictly, so it is up to the consumer to learn about the company, ingredients, and their processes. Companies who promise to cure disease or that are using hard sale tactics may be embellishing their results. Studies that are not backed by people outside of the company are not as trustworthy of those conducted by third parties, universities, and the medical or science communities. Outside studies are the most reliable and they offer true results on which vitamins are the most important and way, as well as the results that are achieved by taking them.

Why Natural Ingredients are Best

Many things are available in both naturally sourced and synthetically made. When selecting a source of vitamins and nutrients there are some advantages to the naturally sourced. The body easily recognizes naturally sourced nutrients and is easily able to break them down and absorb them. Many natural sources are a complete source, which includes all of the needed nutrients to help it be absorbed, and to boost the functioning and benefits of each. When sourced directly from food such as produce, there are limited chances of interactions or discomfort. The easier that supplements are to absorb, the easier they will be to maintain and more likely that you will continue to use them. 

To determine the source of the ingredients read the label carefully and look into information available on the company. Most of the ingredients should be easy to read and many will be easy to recognize. Used to balance the nutrition for the body when diet is not enough, they should be easy to digest, simple to absorb, and with a flavor and texture that is easy to continue using. An adjustment period may occur that can include some minor discomfort, increased gas, and minor digestive issues. This is a natural part of the process, and it should ease quickly. To reduce side effects begin with a lose dose and work up to the recommendations on the bottle.

Proper Storage and Use

Once you have selected and invested in your chosen supplements, it is important to use and store them correctly. Any expiry dates should be noted and followed. One the expiry has passed they become less effective, and their dosages will decrease, though they are generally safe to use slightly past any best before dates.

As with medications and other supplies, store any daily vitamins, supplements, gummies, or others, in a space that is away from direct sunlight, stays cool and dry, and will not be easily accessible to young children. Heat and light can destroy the benefits of them and affect the consistency or stability of them no matter the form. Ingredients may begin to separate or melt, and they will become unusable. Adult doses are also not safe for children to have unrestricted access, they can take too many and have a build up occur within their body that can lead to discomfort and even make them sick.

Take only the dosage on the container. Taking fewer will not provide the best results, while taking extra can lead to side effects and may cause discomfort or illness in some cases. It is also key to ensure there is no interaction with any prescribed medications, or over the counter medications.

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