Shipping Questions
Does Fully Nutrition offer free shipping?

Yes we do. We value our customers and we want to give you the best experience possible, so shipping is on us.

Do you take returns or exchanges?

We do! We want to make sure you are satisfied with our product, so contact us and we will happily issue a refund.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be satisfied with our products, so if for any reason you have any issues with our products, please reach out and we can discuss a refund.

My order has an error on it, what do I do?

If you have any issues with your order, reach out right away and we will get it straightened out.

When does my order ship?

We aim to ship your order within one business day. Weekends and holidays can delay your order to ship out the next business day.

My order didn’t show up, can you help me?

Sorry about that! Contact us immediately and we’ll rectify the situation. 

Can I cancel my order?

Reach out to us immediately and we can issue a refund. 

Payment Questions
What types of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Do you store my credit card information for my subscription?

Yes we do. We have a highly secured payment system that offers our customers a safe and protected experience. We do not share your information with any third-party businesses.

Will I be charged monthly for my subscription?

Yes. We will charge you on a monthly basis for your subscription. We do not charge you in advance for your subscription order.

Product Questions
How should I take the Fully Nutrition vitamins?

All directions for each gummy will be listed on the product bottle. Please follow those instructions for maximum health benefits.

Are your vitamins vegan?

Yes! Our vitamins are suitable for vegans or vegetarians and are never tested on animals.

Do your gummies have any dairy, gluten, nuts, or sugar added to them?

Our Fully Nutrition gummies are formulated without dairy, gluten, nuts, and extra sugars, so if you have any allergies or concerns about those ingredients be assured that our products do not contain any of those potential allergens. 

Are your products non-GMO?

Yes! Our gummies are formulated with clean, ethically sourced ingredients and are non-GMO.

How and where do I store my vitamins?

Please keep your gummies in a dark, dry, and cool place. 

What happens if I take more than the recommended dose?

You shouldn’t have any issue with our gummies if you take a couple extra by mistake, but if you are concerned you should reach out to your health care professional. Please make sure you follow the recommended dose. 

Do the gummies ever expire?

All bottles are labeled with the product’s expiration date, so please reference that label and make sure to consume the date indicated.

How long until I see results from your vitamins?

Every body is different. Our gummies go to work right away, but depending on your level of health you could begin seeing and feeling results right away, while others may take up to 3-4 months.