Keys to a Healthy Immune System

by Dhondi Srikanth 13 August 2022
Adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system, as seen in the blog post 'Keys to a Healthy Immune System' on

The immune system keeps the body healthy year round. It interrupts and fights against bacteria and germs that cause both minor illness, infections, and disease. There are some key ways to support the immune system and help to improve both life expectancy and quality of life. Included in these are getting enough sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy diet.

Sleep is Key to Healthy Immune Systems

When the body has enough energy to get through each day it is able to maintain the function of all body systems. This allows for the immune system to get the support that it needs to fight the germs and bacteria that are encountered every day. When not enough sleep is had, immunity is lowered as the energy that is present is moved towards other body systems such as thoughts, movements, and more.

Adults require 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. While the exact number varies by individual, this average is necessary to maintain health and safety. A tired and run down individual will be more susceptible to illness. To support a healthy sleep cycle go to bed and wake at the same time every day, maximizing the sleep cycles, and ensure that you are getting the appropriate nutrients to sleep through the night. Vitamin sources or supplements that include magnesium, calcium, potassium, and B vitamins will help to ease the body into sleep. They will limit disruptions to the sleep cycle, promote appropriate sleeping times, and help the body to prepare for sleep and wake without being drowsy in the mornings.

Other ways to promote quality sleep are to darken the room before bed to alert the body to bedtime. Reduce the use of screens that produce a blue light, such as phones and laptops but not e-readers which block blue light, an hour or two before bed. This will allow the brain to adapt and begin to shift into rest and recharge mode.

Exercise to Stay Healthy

Another way to support healthy immunity is through regular exercise. Exercise boosts the health of the body in general, and a healthy body is able to support a healthy immune system. Through improving circulation, exercise moves the cells that are necessary for fighting bacteria throughout the body. Fighting invaders in all areas of the body is key to boosting healthy and forming immunity.

Circulation moves the blood through the body, and this carries the nutrients to where they are needed most. If injury occurs this is the method the body uses to get the correct blood cells to the area they are needed, fighting infections where they begin and supporting a healthy body, skin, and organs.

Any form of exercise is beneficial to the body and will help to improve health. Keeping the body moving will improve the strength of the muscles, keep the blood flowing throughout the body, and improve the amount of time that it takes to fall asleep at night. Stretching can increase blood flow as well as lengthen and strengthen the muscles and ligaments, improving flexibility and balance. Exercise that increases the heart rate and breathing will help to improve lung capacity and strength, which can weaken respiratory illness, and also helps to ensure fresh and healthy air is being taken into the lungs and used air expelled. Many air borne germs are expelled when deep breathing, which can reduce the build up within the lungs. This reduces the occurrences of colds and flus, along withy other respiratory illnesses.

Regular exercise also promotes deep and restful sleep. By helping to ensure that the body is both experience healthy circulation as well as getting the needed rest, exercise is a key way to support a healthy immune system.

Healthy Diet for Strong Immune System

Every system within the body requires energy that comes from rest, exercise, and nutrients. These all work together to keep the immune system healthy, as well as ensure that there is enough energy to focus and move throughout the day. A healthy diet is key to keeping the immune system strong and functioning at it’s peak. Some vitamins are more important to the immune system, such as vitamin C, and vitamin D that helps the body absorb the vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Many types of berries and fruit are strong sources of these vitamins, so a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables is key to immunity.  If it is difficult to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables, or it is difficult to include them within the diet for a variety of reasons, adding a daily vitamin or supplement  can help to bridge the gap and provide the needed boost. Fully Nutrition has created an Elderberry supplement that offers all of the needed vitamins to support a healthy immune system and it is easy to add into your daily routine. As an easy to use gummy it is fun and easy to take, travels well, and includes vitamins from sources like oranges and other citrus for vitamin C and elderberry for immune support. Full of antioxidants, it helps the body to create new cells when old ones are damaged and supports the health of the immunity cells throughout the body.

Through balancing these key factors and ensuring that there is consumption of the needed nutrients, exercise to promote circulation and move the blood cells to where they are most needed, and sleep to ensure the body has the energy that it needs to maintain immunity, you can reduce the occurrences of illness and infections throughout the body. Immunity not only helps prevent colds and flu, but also infections in the lungs and respiratory system as well as through injuries or wounds. The immune system fights all germs and bacteria to remove them from the body and ensure that the healthy cells are protected. Each is a key to the health of any immune system and should be maintained year round for the best results, as a strong immune system not only heals better but also prevents illness.

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Adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy immune system, as seen in the blog post 'Keys to a Healthy Immune System' on
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